Midwest Airsoft Expo 2019

At our second annual appearance at the Midwest Airsoft Expo in Rockford, Illinois, we talked with lots of supporters new and old and showed off part of our unique airsoft gun collection.

Shadow Regime Airsoft showed off some of our unique gun collection, including an ICS M1 Garand, LCT VSS, VFC M27, G&G F2000, ASG Scorpion, custom Tippmann Commando, and more.

Shadow Regime Designs had a variety of GATE products for sale and examples of some 3D printed airsoft parts. Many airsofters have been following us since we launched last year and were very supportive with how far we’ve come. Both new and old fans were excited to see where we would go next.

We also took a couple pictures of the awesome guns around the Expo, like an HPA WA2000 and TM AA-12.

Overall, the Expo was a great success at putting our name out there in the local airsoft community. We ran out of flyers within the first couple hours! We are looking forward to next year.

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