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Our team has been airsofting together for 9 years. Located in northwest Indiana, USA, our main field is Blast Camp in Hobart, Indiana. We've attended several 2-day milsim games, including Pandora's Box and Op. Blackjack at Sherwood Forest since 2013, Conflicts 1-3 at Blast Camp, Lion Claws Op. Irene 2015, and TCA Op. Broken Dagger 2. Our team focus is about having fun, good sportsmanship, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Shadow Regime Airsoft is a MiR Tactical Ambassador.

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Conflicts: Bosnia, Blast Camp, 2015

Conflicts: Bosnia, Blast Camp, 2015

Shadow Regime Designs LLC

Shadow Regime Designs, our 3D printing business, was founded in January 2018. The starting point for the business was to solve the semi auto problem experienced by P90 and F2000 gearboxes. The result was the M-Trigger, which improves the trigger with a microswitch in a custom 3D printed base. The P90 and F2000 M-Trigger project was successful and has been sold to customers in 19 countries. Shadow Regime Designs will be expanding to more 3D printed custom parts in the future.

Joey Dorsch

Midwest Airsoft Expo 2018, Rockford, IL

Midwest Airsoft Expo 2018, Rockford, IL

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