Welcome to the new SRairsoft.com!


On the 1 year anniversary of launching the original SRairsoft.com, this new website launches with more capabilities, nicer design, and new products.

Shadow Regime Designs Online Store

The biggest change to our website is the new online store. Customers can now add products to their cart and checkout, allowing for much faster ordering times and more convenience. Viewing all of our available products and prices is much easier and more transparent.



Our original headliner product, the P90 and F2000 M-Trigger, is the only aftermarket trigger upgrades for airsoft P90’s and F2000’s. Featuring a microswitch in a custom 3D printed base, the M-Trigger fixes semi-auto issues while making the trigger much faster and more responsive. Having sold to satisfied customers 14 different countries, this unique upgrade is what started Shadow Regime Designs. Thanks to all our customers who are helping us grow.

GATE Mosfets and Wiring


Shadow Regime Designs is now an official Authorized Reseller for GATE products! We carry an assortment of mosfets from basic to advanced for any budget or build along with supplies like wiring, connectors, and adapters. Our competitive prices and fast shipping will save you money and time for upgrading your AEG.

The M-Trigger Advanced, which includes a fully wired mosfet of your choice, will now be more affordable and have faster shipping times now that we have our own supply of mosfets.

Upgrade Services

Have your F2000 or P90 upgraded for superior performance, including rate of fire upgrades, accuracy upgrades, FPS upgrades, and more. With preset builds you can choose from you can easily choose upgrades that suit your budget or performance goals, or you can submit your own custom parts list. Hourly tech rates can also be selected for any upgrades or repairs that don’t fall under the available builds. Upgrades for other guns can be requested.

3D Printing

Have any model 3D printed in PLA, Nylon, or Carbon Fiber Nylon. Models can be your own design or found on websites such as Thingiverse. Create custom grips, attachments, flash hiders, rails, and more.


Our blog will continue to be a place for updates about the team, upgrade guides, reviews, and more. The strong reception to our VSS Upgrade Guide has encouraged us to do more articles about upgrading in the future.

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