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SR Airsoft is looking for unique designs to add to its shop! If you’ve designed something and wish to share or sell it to the airsoft community, we want to help you promote it. We are capable of printing small (less than 1 inch) to large (up to 10 inches) parts in high quality reinforced nylon plastic to make your parts stand out and stand up to tough conditions.

Partner with SR Airsoft to share your creative designs. Sellers retain complete ownership of your designs and can set the selling price. We just subtract the cost of manufacturing your parts and you keep the rest. Airsofters can order either 3D prints of your design or the digital part files themselves. SR Airsoft will credit sellers each month with their earnings.

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  • Create and share your designs with SR Airsoft

  • Retain 100% ownership of designs

  • Responsible for ensuring your designs fit and function correctly

  • Control selling options and final price

  • Keep 100% of profits after manufacturing costs for 3D printing orders

  • Keep 80% of digital file download sales

SR Airsoft

  • Creates official product pages for your designs

  • Sets manufacturing costs for 3D printing orders

  • Prints and ships orders

  • Manages customer service

  • Pays sellers monthly through PayPal

Why sell on SR Airsoft?

  • Much less expensive than 3DHubs or Shapeways - charge your customers less while making more

  • Print your parts in durable nylon or reinforced nylon plastic

  • Ability to sell your STL or CAD files

  • We are a dedicated airsoft site with experience and knowledge of printing parts for airsoft

  • Ship to airsofters worldwide

  • We manage sales, printing, shipping, and emailing customers, you just submit your designs and collect your payout

  • Share your designs with the airsoft community, reach more customers, and have a page for sharing your designs

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