Midwest Airsoft Expo 2018

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Shadow Regime Designs has officially publicly launched! We had a table at the Midwest Airsoft Expo in Rockford, Illinois on March 18, 2018 to show everyone what we plan on doing. There was a great turnout and I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about airsoft.

Where Shadow Regime Designs is Going

The support at the Midwest Airsoft Expo was great. It seems there is a lot of interest in 3D printed airsoft parts. Right now, I'm working on getting the P90 M-Trigger ready for final testing. After that, I will be adapting the design to fit the F2000. I also want to start designing the first custom parts to sell. I'm thinking custom foregrips or flash hiders first. I'll send out an announcment as soon as those get ready.

Also, there was a lot of interest about totally custom made-to-order parts. I definitely want to offer that service here at Shadow Regime Designs. However, I think that will be a little farther down the road. Right now my priority is finishing the M-Trigger and getting more products up. But by all means, if you have an idea, feel free to send a message!

For anyone who signed up on the email list, I just got done subscribing all of you. If you haven't received the confirmation email than I might have misspelled your email.

Updates on the M-Trigger

The first gen M-Trigger I released last summer. While that version worked great, I just felt it could be even better. I stopped selling the first gen on Shapeways last winter to work on the 2nd generation. I'm happy with how it's coming along but there's still a few things to figure out. I definitely want to make sure it will stand up to any expectations I or any of my customers have.

I want to have a final M-Trigger prototype ready for testing within two weeks. I'll make sure to do extensive testing to make sure nothing goes wrong, but this is where any delays might happen. I know lots of people have been asking when it's coming, so rest assured that I'm working on it as you're reading this! I'll have more updates soon.

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