SR Update - February 2019

20190203_173310_HDR (1).jpg

One-year anniversary update! Working on a new M-Trigger design for standard V2 gearboxes and a new custom gun project using many 3D printed parts.

P90 & F2000 M-Trigger

Customers have been loving upgrading their P90 or F2000 with an M-Trigger. So far I've had orders from 13 different countries! I've been getting great feedback and look forward to helping more airsofters in the second year of Shadow Regime Designs. 

V2 M-Trigger


I've been starting a new project to try and incorporate the design goals of the P90 & F2000 M-Trigger into a standard V2 gearbox: a drop-in microswitch trigger system that shortens the trigger pull. Some challenges of this project are the limited space and small pieces required to fit inside a V2 gearbox, and achieving a short enough trigger pull that plays nicely with the original cut off lever. Preliminary design works, but there is room for improvement.

Custom Gun Project

20190203_173323_HDR (1).jpg

Last November, I bought a boneyard Tippmann Commando AEG for $50. The problem? Broken tappet plate and missing battery connector. So with a few dollars and time, I had a new AEG to start upgrading. This budget AEG is actually surprisingly good quality. I'll have a full review up soon going over externals and internals. 

Since this gun is not compatile with many aftermarket upgrades, this is a great opportunity to show how 3D printing can be used to create custom airsoft parts.

So far, I've made a custom outer barrel, rail, foregrip, stock adapter, and dust cover. I'll do a full write-up on these custom parts as well in a later article. This gun will also be the base for designing and testing the new V2 M-Trigger.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more updates!