Gate Warfet Mosfet

Gate Warfet Mosfet

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Gate’s most capable plug-in mosfet. This programmable mosfet features the most customizable functions and includes the easy to use tactical programming card. The Warfet allows you to get the most out of your AEG, whether it’s stock or highly upgraded.


  • Tactical Programming Card

  • WARFET Power Module

  • Battery Mini Tamiya adapter

  • AEG Mini Tamiya adapter

  • Pair of Deans-T Connectors

  • Single Trigger Wire

  • Double Trigger Wire

  • Quickstart Guide


  • Tactical Programming Card - Change and customize settings quickly and easily without needing to count trigger clicks

  • Pre-Cocking - Compresses the spring before firing the next shot so that your gun shoots instantly on the next trigger pull

  • Plug-and-play - Allows simple installation by just connecting before your battery without the need for soldering, although not all functions will be available (M-Trigger cannot use plug-and-play)

  • Programmable burst - Set either Semi or Auto to be burst fire instead, length of burst is customizable between 1 and 5 rounds

  • Rate of Fire Control - Reduce the full auto rate of fire, while still having semi auto at full speed for better trigger response

  • Battery Protection - Protects LiPo and LiFe batteries from over-discharge

  • Smart Fuse - Monitors current, voltage, and temperature to protect the mosfet and battery from failing

  • On/Off Active Braking - Stops the motor from overspinning after trigger is released which helps against shooting more than one shot in semi auto. Can be turned on or off

  • Debouncing - Improves performance and prevents overheating when using microswitch triggers

  • Mosfet - Improves trigger response and fire rate and protects trigger contacts from burnout