Gate NanoHard Mosfet

Gate NanoHard Mosfet

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The Gate NanoHard is a programmable mosfet that specializes in active braking and battery protection. A good choice for players using strong batteries and high fire rates.


  • NanoHARD

  • Additional kit of Deans-T Connectors

  • Single signal wire for trigger contacts

  • Double signal wire for trigger contacts

  • Programming button

  • Jumper (2pcs.)


  • Battery Protection - Protects LiPo and LiFe batteries from over-discharge

  • Smart Fuse - Monitors current, voltage, and temperature to protect the mosfet and battery from failing

  • On/Off Active Braking - Stops the motor from overspinning after trigger is released which helps against shooting more than one shot in semi auto. Can be turned on or off

  • Debouncing - Improves performance and prevents overheating when using microswitch triggers

  • Mosfet - Improves trigger response and fire rate and protects trigger contacts from burnout