3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service


Final price will be provided after submitting quote request.

SR Airsoft is going through a 3D printer upgrade. Orders will ship after Sept. 16

3D Printing Form

Have a part 3D printed in a material of your choice. Print attachments, grips, flash hiders, rails, adapters, and anything else you can find, even if it’s not airsoft related! All parts are printed on a Makergear M3 professional grade printer. The best place to find airsoft 3D prints is the airsoft group on Thingiverse. Find something you like, then link the URL in the form above.

You will be contacted by email to discuss the details of your print, answer any questions, and provide a price quote. A separate invoice for final payment will be sent once order is finalized.


$2 + Material Price/gram

Pricing will be determined based upon amount of material used. After placing an order with a specified part, the file will be analyzed for material cost. A PayPal invoice will be sent for the final price.

Generally, small parts like flash hiders will be around $5-$10, medium parts like grips will be around $15-25, and large parts like rails will be around $40-$50 when selecting the fiber reinforced nylon.


Check out our Blog post for more information on choosing a material.




  • Basic 3D printing plastic

  • Medium strength and durability

  • High Detail

  • Satin finish

  • Small or cosmetic parts

  • Black available, almost any color can be special ordered




  • Premium 3D printing plastic

  • High strength and durability

  • High detail

  • Gloss low-friction surface

  • Small or large functional parts

  • Black available only


Fiber Reinforced Nylon


  • Industrial 3D printing plastic

  • Extreme strength and durability

  • Medium detail

  • Matte textured surface

  • Large functional or structural parts

  • Black or Desert Tan available, OD Green and more coming soon