SR Update - October 2018

After a successful first summer of selling the P90 and F2000 M-Trigger, here's everything that's happened since the opening earlier this year and where Shadow Regime Designs is going in the future.

M-Trigger Sales

I'm happy to say that the popularity of the P90 & F2000 M-Trigger was higher than expected! There were very few days when I wasn't working on printing and testing trigger orders since I started in May. International orders were also amazing. Two-thirds of all orders over the summer were international, including Canada, Belgium, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Denmark, and South Korea. To all my customers, thank you for your support!


Prototype (Beta) Testing

I have received lots of feedback from customers about improving the M-Trigger. I've made several changes to the original design to make it more reliable, higher quality, and easier to install. While I'm very happy with how it's coming along, I think I'm still going to keep calling it a prototype until I know its 100% perfect. Reminder that replacement parts are free for those who order during prototype testing!

New Custom Products In Development

Looking to expand on the success of the M-Trigger, I've bought new material to start printing with: Matterhackers NylonX. This is still Nylon plastic (one of the most durable plastics to 3D print with) but with embedded carbon fiber. This creates parts that are extremely strong and durable - the perfect properties to make external parts from (and it looks amazing). I've already started printing test pieces of some foregrips, and plan on expanding this to custom grips, flash hiders, rail accessories, etc. More on this in the future!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks again for everyone's support. I plan on putting out updates and news articles more often after this, so keep a look out!